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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Books I've read in July

1) How to Work a Room - By Susan RoAne

This is a book about overcoming shyness to help promote you business or professional pursuits. Ms. RoAne teaches the proper way to hand out business cards, how to overcome the fear of rejection and a few words or Yiddish as she goes through.

My opinion - I think I learned a lot from this book and immediately began adopting some of the techniques Ms. RoAne teaches in this book. I also realized that I had been approaching networking groups with the entirely wrong attitude.

Key Point - You never know who knows who. Approach everyone with sincere interest and try and learn more about them & their business before talking about yourself and your business.

2) Bootstrapping Your Business - By Greg Gianforte w/ Marcus Gibson

This is a book for bootstrappers - those unique entrepreneurs who DON'T go courting for venture capital firms to give them money in exchange for controlling interest in their idea. For those who want to start a business where both bosses and board members are absent this book may be for you.

My opinion - I really enjoyed this book. It was full of a combination of advice and real-life case-studies on how entrepreneurs overcame obstacles to make millions based mainly on their own investment.

Key Point - before you spend all your money on an untested idea - see if people will buy the product or service in advance.