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Monday, February 24, 2014

MMV: Vision by Manteusz M

Monday, February 10, 2014

MMV: Top 10 Motivational Youtube Channels of 2014

1) Eric Thomas -

The reigning king of the Youtube Motivational channels. Mr. Thomas - also known as E.T. the Hip Hop Preacher - is a High school drop out who went back for his GED and then his bachelor's and then his Master's, then decided to start motivating people through youtube - every Monday. Currently he is an author, and motivational speaker and voice-over artist for many professional sports leagues including the NBA, NFL and others. His bread and butter is TGIM (Thank God It's Monday) You may notice that his voice is the narrator on many (OK maybe even most) of the home-made youtube inspirational videos across the interwebs - which leads me to the next honoree:

Learn to edit video like a pro.

2) Mateusz M -
Some could say that all this newcomer really does is lift audio off of Eric Thomas and les Brown's videos and adds b-roll - but that would be understating his mastery. Mateusz M without a doubt has the video editing skills to pay the bills. His videos - which are typically about 10 minutes in length tell stories using the motivational greats listed above but the beauty is he adds in scenes from movies and maybe even some of his own background video to make you want to conquer the world with the 1 -2 punch of audio and visual motivation. By the way Mateusz M - if you check your google alerts - let me know when you come out with a "how to edit video" course on udemy or elsewhere - I would like to learn.

3) Marie Forleo: -
A Classy, funny Jersey girl  with that hardcore New yorker/east coast ambition that I aspire to be like daily. Ms. Forleo  a former financial professional, turned fitness, turned business guru for women (mostly)  is arguably the hardest working businesswoman on youtube. She entertains her audience with out-take jokes and then gives them real-world advice once a week during Q&A Tuesday and then comes back later in the week typically interviewing someone who is both outstanding and inspirational.

4) Tony Robbins -

The World's reigning motivational speaker (I believe Mr. Robbins prefers the term - "peak performance coach") outside the interwebs (i.e.I RL)  - has a decent youtube channel but it should be noted much of his material is all over Youtube just not necessarily on his channel. Let's face it though, when you've been the world's greatest motivational speaker (no disrespect to Les Brown, the late Zig Ziglar and others) for 20 or 30 odd years it's not hard to find out more about you if you're looking in that direction. Fun fact - Marie Forleo had the honor of being interviewed by Mr. Robbins - a great opportunity to see new school meet old school.

5) TED Talks -
If you're looking for motivation and you've NEVER heard of TEDtalks - do me a favor, cancel your plans for the weekend. Find a couple good TEDtalk playlists on youtube, and hit play. You'll be entertained, enlightened, informed and inspired not necessarily in that order. It's my dream to someday do a tedtalk here in Cbus. Before I digress, TED stands for Technology, Entertainment & Design conference. Something started for the smart jetset in Southern California at first but has spread across the globe. TEDx Port Moresby - where are you? Anyway some of the most intelligent connected and influential people in the world clamor to tell their story to a crowd of hundreds to thousands of their peers depending on the venue and do it on a stage in under 18 minutes. Past TED presenters have been Bill Clinton, Al Gore and the aforementioned Tony Robbins.

Become a Youtube Channel star

6) Rejection Therapy -

Speaking of TED talkers - Jia Jiang - the man behind the vlog Rejection Therapy is definitely a favorite of mine. A professor suggested that he should attempt to intentionally get rejected in order to get over some self-confidence issues. To keep himself honest and also take the experiment to the next level - he decided to record 100 days worth of rejection on a hidden video camera. Amazing results ensued, the most publicized of which would have to be the Krispy Kreme incident on 2012 - Which I've shared with you above:

7) MuscleProdigy TV -

Some of the best motivational videos for athletes hands down. Great editing and narration. I personally love these videos. See them for yourself and get inspired.

8) MindValley -

Vishen Lakhiani is the forward-facing founder of Mindvalley a company her describes as "team of 100+ individuals focused on building disruptive systems that push humanity forward." The multi-million dollar company puts together online products, services and most recently videos featuring some very inspirational speakers. One speaker featured in several of their videos for an event Mindvalley sponsors called Awesomeness fest is Lisa Nichols of The Secret fame.

9) The Good Life Project -

Jonathan Fields, a former attorney, turned yoga instructor turned Internet marketer is the main mind behind the Good Life Project. The Good Life Project is effectively a series of interviews with inspiring people - many are internet marketers but some are also just interesting people that have caught the eye of Jonathan Fields - the founder. At least one notable interviewee is the aforementioned Marie Forleo. Funny how the youtubers all seem to know each other...or at least Marie.

10) Kyle Cease -

Comedian turned inspirational comedian, Kyle Cease is all about flow. He recounts the time when there was a competition to get a special on Comedy Central and he took a ridiculous amount of massive action in order to win at the competition.He teaches how just leaning toward what makes you happy in life will bring more things that bring you joy and happiness. My only complaint about his channel is that he does not post on a regular and/or consistent basis - but one could argue he goes with the flow.

If I missed your favorite, please let me know in the comments below.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I conquered that little voice in my head today...

I made a decision today. A decision that could cost me some money in the short term or earn me much more than that in the long run.

Right after I made the decision, that little voice in my head started doubting my decision and screaming for me to make a change back to the safer decision.

The decision without risk.

The decision that will result in the sure thing.

Well the path of the "sure thing" hasn't really earned me the bounty I've been promised for so long so today I decided to stick with my decision, even though it makes that "little, weak, predictable" voice in my head uncomfortable, scare and unsure.

 Had I been blessed with a  comfortable, delightful and always certain life - it wouldn't really be life then would it?

time to start sticking with those decisions - that is all.

D. White.