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Sunday, January 22, 2012

I'm not the expert, but I know who is.....

..YOU are.

You are the ultimate expert

1) So many experts - It's no longer hard to find a "Guru" or an "Expert" on a subject. You trip over them in search results on google. Everything from relationship experts to money experts to experts on how to make a "killing" off AdWords. As if that's what we were put on this world to do "Make a Killing on AdWords". I happen to be of the minority opinion that a person's purpose in life has to be grander than simply manipulating code to make a website show on the first page of google - but, again, I'm the minority.

2) So many opinions - It's just as easy to find "experts" online that espouse the benefits getting out of debt - as it is to find experts who encourage readers to charge their credit cards to the maximum in order to obtain "easy" riches. For the record I'm more so a Dave Ramsey fan than a Kiyosaki fan but, I find it puzzling that Dave considers Kiyosaki a "friend" - when they promote exact opposite strategies to wealth. I suppose their are differences of opinions in the relationship, dieting and marketing spheres as well but, I'm not as attuned to those areas so who knows.

3) The opinion that counts is in fact yours - If you had to take a weekend and research all of the spectrum of opinions on a given subject, I would venture to guess you'd have several ways to skin a cat and no clear winner on the best way if the subject has any form of complexity. It's up to you to sift through all the varying opinions and decide on a final opinion that is in fact yours and only yours.

4) Truth/Falsehood - (the dichotomy) One thing that I'd say that speaks to me when trying to form an opinion is more or less a sense of feeling - Do I feel this person, subject-matter expert is speaking more TRUTH or more FALSEHOOD. The more truth I feel - the more I respect the expert, the more falsehood I feel - the less I respect said expert. TRUTH to me feels obvious and without effort while Falsehood seems forced or very elaborate when something very simple would suffice. TRUTH reminds me of my Pastor at the Church I attend as well as in some ways the Llama who presides over a Buddhist Temple I attend. FALSEHOOD reminds me of a "Guru" I had a chance meeting with while I was searching for a meditation group in a distant city. Instead of meditating, his followers sat around and asked him questions - as if he was an expert - although I had not yet acknowledged his supreme knowledge he had no problem commanding me to go fetch him a cup of water - as if I was his disciple ...or slave - I grabbed it, hoping I was in the presence of an enlightened being- it was only when he began preaching his philosophy that was essentially "winning arguments are a way to enlightenment" that I pulled out my Bulls**t button aka I recognized - to me at least he preached FALSEHOOD.

5) If I were an expert ( and I'm not) I'd give a single piece of advice. - Err on the side of LOVE. Listen to Jesus when he said

"Thou shall love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul and all thy mind...[then added] Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself"

Or Buddha who taught 'Metta' or the practice of Lovingkindess

Even an upstanding secular humanist will tell you their belief falls apart if there's not an underlying principal of the Golden Rule to prevent anarchy, disorder and despair could be expected to follow.

Bottom line though, if all of what I've presented here tingles your B.S. button - then, in your opinion - I'm a promoter of falsehood and in a sense that proves my point again - you are the expert. YOU and only you know what makes sense and truth for your reality.

I sincerely hope that your reality holds you as the resident expert.

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