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Sunday, January 20, 2013

5 ways to KILL (or incapacitate) that "little voice"

You know that little voice inside you that says:

"You're a loser"

"You could never lose that weight"

"Why would a girl like that want to date you?"

That voice is a parasite living inside the confines of your skull and it's up to you to destroy said parasite and bring your mental health back up to par.

Here are 5 ways to KILL that little voice that says "you can't do it".

1) Learn all you can about how to do/be/achieve the thing you want - If you want to be a better golfer you likely need to either study or practice golfing or both. If you want to lose weight going to the gym and changing your diet might just help. To get from point A to point Z you have to cross point B and then point C and so on.

2) Turn off the TV or at least the news and commercials. - Although TV is no doubt entertaining it can become destructive if you watch it a little too much. If you watch the news constantly you can become depressed from seeing a steady stream of sadness paraded in front of your eyeballs followed by commercials which are typically Madison Avenue's attempt to tell you all the reasons you aren't happy or would be happier if you'd just buy this great new product. So you go out an buy a bunch of things you don't really need only to find your in debt ....I could spend an hour on this subject but, since I know you're time is precious - let's move on.

3) Fight fire with fire with positive reinforcement, mantras or incantations as you get up and before you go to bed. - That little voice seems to have endless ammunition on how terrible you are, stupid you know the deal - that twerp might even be whispering in your ear right now! Put that S.O.y.B. (Son Of your Brain) on the defensive and attack him with a positive words you can chant to yourself that focus on what you want and not what you don't want.

A very simple and well known chant is:

Everyday, in every way , I'm getting better and better.

One I use quite often is a little longer:

By the divine grace, power and glory of the Almighty,
I'm becoming more competent and confident in all that I do
And All that I do is for you (meaning the almighty)

For my atheist and agnostic friends here's one from Tony Robbins

If I can’t – then I must. If I must – then I will

4) Find a mentor - If you have something you want to achieve in your relationships, physical health, wealth or whatever it might be a great way to stay focused on it is to find a mentor who has already achieved what you want to achieve. Now if you can set up a way to meet with said mentor on a daily basis then that's great. But sometimes the mentor may be inaccessible so instead you may have to study what they did or what habits they continue to do in order to achieve their success and then copy them or adjust them to your own circumstances.

That little voice begins to trip over his puny words of doubt when you have a strong focus on someone who has already done it.

5) Get a life Coach to cheer you on to victory - Sometimes we just need someone to help. A reputable Life coach will go out of his/her way to make sure you stay on track in the search for what it is you really want. Some life coaches are even under $100 an hour. High-end life coaches can cost you Thousands or dollars and hour. On average though cost tends to be a few hundred dollars per session.

That little voice will likely run and hide if you're in the presence of a great coach. A spectacular coach may give you insights to slay the little voice for good.

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