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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Is Love At First Sight...Bullcrap?

 As I was considering whether or not to write on Valentine's Day I came across an article that convinced me to give my two cents: 


from Daily Mail (UK)

Is loving someone for their money any worse than loving them for their looks?

 This article talks about how when someone says they had "love at first sight" it is typically based on the superficial outer facade that some of us may put on from time to time
A guy: Will talk about how much money he makes, flash his car keys buy drinks to show that he has money to burn and can be a good provider. 
A girl: Takes several minutes and more likely even hours to put herself together and look so much better than the condition you may find her at say 2:00 in the afternoon on a Sunday. 
A guy wants: To be with the best looking woman in the room, someone who looks to be healthy (typically has a fit body), happy (a perma-scowl doesn't even look that great on super-model)  and someone you'd be proud to show off to your friends and family. 
A girl wants: Someone who can be a provider or protector or both. A rich man will typically be able to use his resources to provide for the babies the woman might have if they stay together long term. 
Then I thought about how I met my wife. I was at the club and I was immediately drawn to how attractive she was and the fact that when I made eye contact with her she didn't immediately avert her gaze and begin running for another part of the building. 
She has told me on several occasions if I would've been wearing earrings (which I wore off & on at the time) that night she would have not looked twice at me. 
So what  do you think?
 Is love at first sight mainly bullcrap since it's based on a sometimes, if not always,  misleading first impression?
Has internet dating eliminated some of this confusion by allowing you to get to know the person first or do those doctored internet profile pics work to the same end?

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