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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thought for Thursday - What is your Mantra?

What is your Mantra? 

 What do you repeat in your mind (or aloud) day in and day out? 
According to the Mayo Clinic what your "mantra" - or your daily "self-talk" has a definite impact on your health.

Does it sound like this:

"I'm so dumb"

"I'm so fat"

"Everybody's against me"

"What's the use?"

"Who's John Galt?"

Or does it sound like this:

"I'm so thankful for..."

"I'm so blessed because..."

"Life is great because..."

"I'll try again a different way"

"I've been through tougher tests than this"

It's easy to be convinced that nothing is working. It's difficult these days to see things in a positive light. 

However, if you take the time to acknowledge your thoughts and nudge them in the positive direction the benefits are overwhelming.  Those benefits include lower rates of depression, stress and you're even less likely to catch a cold. 

Take a moment and put your inner monologue in check. If that "voice in your head" is encouraging and tells you that you can achieve great things - let it continue. But, if it continues to downplay your achievements, discourages your ambition or even worst - insults you! Then decide today to change the monologue to something more positive.

What do you think? Do you have an inner monologue that pushes you forward or holds you back? Do you have a great inner mantra that you use on a regular basis? If so, share it in the comments below.

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