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Thursday, September 19, 2013

(TOT) Thought on Thursday - Take that risk

Last week I had some extra free time on my hands and I spent much of it coaxing myself into scary and/or risky situations. Although it's 4:00 AM as I type this I still have a smile on my face because the risk taking has paid dividends.

As a result of some of the risks I took - i.e. Cold calls. - I have:
  • Sat down for coffee/water/lunch with 3 wealthy individuals.
  • Found what one wealthy individual would pay $100,000 for.
  • Gotten advice on where to direct my energy from another wealthy individual. 
  • Gotten an offer of possible funding of business ideas from another. 
  • Found a possible untapped need in a market - that I'm testing out.

Now granted, one of these individuals is a relative but, with that being said - I have the opportunity to meet with yet another individual I hold in high esteem in the next several days who hangs out in the C-Suite of the company he helped build.

It's so funny how risk adverse we are when what we consider risky would have likely been shrugged off by our ancestors.

I can only imagine what my ancestors - who were slaves - would have thought if I told them that the only thing between me living like a slave and living like a master was talking to a bunch of people I don't know and enduring a difficult conversation or two.

I cannot fathom to deal with what they had to deal with or for that matter what man's prehistoric ancestors had to deal with when their biggest concern was

"Will I get eaten by a Saber Tooth Tiger Today?"

And not

"Will someone use a 4-letter word to describe me because I interrupted their day?"

It's laughable how we describe risk today and for that reason - if I have time today (after I take a nap) I will be making some cold calls.

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