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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thought for Thurday: Is your Smart Phone making you Dumber?

So I lost my smart phone about 2 1/2 weeks ago. I decided to switch my phone back to my old "dumb phone" as I searched for the Smart phone. 

 Well, someone at my day job found the smart phone within 72 hours BUT I haven't switched back to the "Smart" phone yet. 

I've noticed a few things in my smart phone's absence. 

 1) I'm a lot less anxious: 
Limiting my access to the constant tally of how many emails I have has been actually kind of OK. I've gone back to checking my email only 1 - 2 times a day. 

 2) I only have to charge my "dumb" phone once every 2 days: 
 Instead of having to lug a charger with me to work for fear my phone will die after 5 hours. I now have a "dumb" phone that doesn't need to be charged for a day or so on average. 

3) I'm a little more focused:: 
Without having access to games, photos of my adorable son and facebook feed - EVERYWHERE I go, my dinky little brain can calm down a little bit and focus more on what needs to be done each day instead of having endless distraction. 

2 possible drawbacks of my dumb phone: 

1) Text messages: Since just about everyone has a "smart phone" these days, and those smart phones text messages take up a lot more memory than let's say - text messages from a 2007 phone - it only takes a few texts from friends and family to virtually crash my "dumb" phone. 

2) Photos: Although my dumb phone does have a camera, the quality is not the best and due to the aforementioned low memory, I can't really take any pictures of my aforementioned adorable son either. 

As for right now though, my need is to remain focused and I think this phone "problem" may turn into a solution for some of my lack of focus. 

How about you? If you are a "smart phone" owner, could you survive a day or two weeks using a dumb phone? Do you have a "dumb phone" now? Have you either given up on or been a laggard to even owning a cell phone? Let me know in the comments below. 

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