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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The top 5 Business Periscopers - you should follow:

So as some may already know and others are finding out now, I have become addicted to the new live streaming app that Twitter bought in March for a reported $100 Million dollars. Methinks they got a steal.

This app is in it's infancy but has the potential to become the new youtube or at least the replacement for Vine. 

That being said, I've been curating a few of my favorite Persicopers over the month or so I've been "'scoping" and wanted to share these great gentlemen (sorry no ladies thus far) that share great tips on the regular for navigating this new potentially game-changing app.

Here we go in no particular order: 

1) Alex Pettit @Alexpettitt  British youngin' who knows his stuff as far as periscope goes - has a "heart count" in the millions.

2) Grant Cardone @GrantCadone American (Miami) sales guru whose team was on it as soon as the new app came out. Side note, his account was (allegedly?) one of the accounts shut down for broadcasting the Mayweather vs
Pacquiao over livestream much to HBO's dismay I'm sure.

3) Robert C Stern @RobertCStern American social media guy from New Jersey who gives social media tips here and there and most recently attempted to livestream for 24 hours straight without stopping. Last I checked, the signal faded out at about 22 hours but I could be wrong.

4) Mark Shaw @markshaw Is a fast talking British guy who typically starts each podcast with his @CostaCoffee  cup. Most of his tips are right on though and he typically keeps his "scope episodes" to about 5 minutes or less. 

5) Ryan Steinolfson @ryansteinolfson Is a Southern California internet marketing guy who appears to know his stuff as far as the business aspect of Periscope continues to evolve.

OK so there's my quick list - check them out - and let me know what you think of their scopes - or even mine @Motivating_Mins in the comments below.

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