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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Books I've read in August (2011)

Rich Dad's - Before You Quit Your Job

Summary: If you've read more than a handful of business books in the last several years you've likely heard of Rich Dad, Poor Dad books. Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad, Poor Dad book made it very clear that people rarely get rich being someones employee. In this book Mr. Kiyosaki makes clear the steps necessary to take before quitting your job and becoming a full-time entrepreneur.

My Opinion: Ever since becoming a follower of Dave Ramsey, I've become a little bit leery of Robert Kiyosaki who's business philosophy is the exact opposite of Dave's. That being said, they are apparently friends (can you say Millionaire Secret Society?) which led me to give Rich Dad Poor Dad another try. Honestly, I liked this book , rather than advising to go into debt to succeed, he talks quite a bit about how he's failed in business. He also talks about how learning from failure ended up leaving to success. He's a very talented storyteller in my opinion.

Key Point: Just because you hate your job does not mean you should become an entrepreneur.

You need to be a little Crazy - By Barry Moltz

Summary - Mr. Moltz has started a business, failed, started a new business (or two) and lived to tell his tale. In this book he talks about what to expect - which is basically expect the unexpected - when attempting to start a business.

My opinion - This book was an interesting break from the typical entrepreneur book where a set formula is given to succeed. Mr. Moltz brings to light the fact that most businesses end up failing and includes a polarity (possibly a majority) of business stories with not so good endings to keep new entrepreneurs grounded in reality and not the fantasy world of instant success that is often heralded but rarely achieved.

Key Point - 'treppin ain't easy - put another way - if you read too much Inc. & Entrepreneur and think that investors are just giving out suitcases of money to the next guy with any idea - it's time to think again.

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