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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Outside Wages Wednesday #1

So, I think it's time to start tracking my expenses better and also keep track of how much I am making outside of work. The logic being - what you focus on is much easier to track than what you don't focus on.

Now, I'm not going to share with the world what paltry pennies I make during my day job but, I do intend to share with you how much I spend each week and also how much outside the day job I bring home. My goal is to do this for at least a year but, who can predict the future?

So, for now I'll commit to do this each Wednesday until at least my May.

Without further ado - here we go:

For the week of 2/16/12 - 2/22/12

Expenses:                            $785.00
Outside Work Earnings:       $0.00
Net result:                            $-785.00

"OWW" indeed

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