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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thought for Thursday: I am in control. You are in control

So, as I was re-reading some of the great work of Nathaniel Branden earlier today I came across a passage, or maybe it was a sentence exercise, that made me ponder about the concept of being in control. 

I came to a sudden realization that "I am in control" which may seem very obvious to some and quite impossible to others. For the last several years I would have to admit that I have subscribed to the latter philosophy.

For far for too long I've held the belief that people at my job control me, but they do not - I have the right to quit at any time. I will likely suffer immediate financial consequences once I quit yet I still have that freedom.

I've also held the belief that my family's approval controls me - this is incorrect also, I being an adult with an arguably sound mind, have the right to make decisions on my own without consulting my family for final approval. Even though these decisions may impact my family directly or indirectly I still have the right to make these decisions as it's my birthright as a being born with free will. 

 Lastly, I have felt that I have been under the local community's control but, the truth is: so long as I am abiding by the law and not encroaching on others rights or hampering their free will, I can go by my own mores and norms.

I am in control, and by default you are in control of your life. Enjoy the freedom you possess and don't compromise it for anyone.

As a side note, A few months back, I got the urge to send notes to a few living authors who I feel have helped me on my journey. One of them was Dr. Branden. I received an email back form his assistant that he received my message on 11/20/14, Dr. Branden unfortunately passed away on 12/3/14. I feel blessed that the message reached him while he was still here in the realm of the living. God Bless You (which he would've found funny since he was a firm atheist) Dr. Branden and thank you again for your insight.

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