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Monday, August 22, 2016

Nootropics 30 day trial Day 2: Cavalier - Cognitive & Stress Support.

Today, I'll admit the test with "Cavalier" went a little different.

I popped the (2)  pills just before going to work.  I didn't notice anything immediate but my mindset was considerably more focused and much less "Monkey-Mind" than a typical day at work.

By contrast at a typical day at work I am usually distracted by anything and everything to a very negative degree but today I stayed on my task and actually got past a block I had editing video before by simply remaining focused.

I even skipped my usual lunch so I could power through and get some work done.

One thing I definitely did not do was pop the pills with a full meal. I had some yogurt shortly after popping the pill (maybe 20 minutes later) but I did not eat something before swallowing the pills. On the bottle it clearly suggests "Take One Serving (2 capsules) once daily with Food."

To be honest yesterday I had a nice 2- 2.5 course meal worth of 1/2 healthy & 1/2 really unhealthy food which may have affected how the first serving interacted with my body chemistry.

One definite side effect was that about 10 minutes after leaving work it was as if both brain and body united and said "We're done with this sh*t" and I became noticeably tired & less focused.

This could possibly be explained away by me only getting 4 hours of sleep last night (my average is 6 hours) so I will have to try getting some sleep tonight and see if that issue still lingers tomorrow assuming I do get my standard 6 hours of sleep in.

After talking to a friend/potential client shortly after arriving home about an hour later I was extremely exhausted. After our conversation I decided to lay down for a moment instead of sitting up for meditation and fell right to sleep - waking myself an hour and a half later.

I will update again tomorrow.

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