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Thursday, June 27, 2013

(TOT) Thought on Thursday - 3.5 D's of risk-taking

 So I heard somewhere about the three and a half logical fears as related to risk-taking. The last one being part logical, part illogical.

The gist is if you are not directly threatened by one of the following you should take the risk anyway.

1) Death - as far as scientists can tell and most theologians - there's only one shot at this game called life, so do-overs are not an option. That being said if you risk your life doing something it had better have some fantastic payoff or benefit in the end.

2) Dismemberment - If you could lose a limb taking a risk you might as well think twice. The sad thing is we take that risk every time we get behind the wheel of automobile.

3) Destitution - Been there, done that. Being destitute and penniless is not a fun state of being. Financial freedom is liberating by contrast.Will the risk you take leave you bankrupt? Is it worth it to risk that today?

3.5) Divorce - This would be the "half" as some are good divorces and some are bad. Some of us may be with a supportive partner who it would devastate our lives to lose. 

Others among us chose incorrectly when we were looking for a partner to spend "forever" with and are in desperate need of a do-over or at least an end to a strenuous situation. 

Some risks we take may end in divorce and it's all up to you to decide whether this is or isn't worth it. 

Update: This post was inspired by an Entrepreneur on Fire interview with Dan Andrews

What do you think? Is the risk worth it? Are you scared of taking a risk for some reason that's not listed above? Tell me in the comments below:

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