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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

(T4T) 11 Business & Personal Life Coaches give their best advice.

I asked some of the world's business and life coaches: 

"What's the best advice you've ever received or given"

I was amazed again by the responses:

Rebecca Thomas 
Coach & Consultant 

" The best advice that I have been given is to keep up what l am doing and to stay positive.  Things aren't going to change overnight like I would like it to be, but being patient and being me will draw in the right clients to me.  We each have a certain quality and uniqueness to us and I am the only one who can offer what I offer.  If l stick to that, my business will grow.  The fact that my quirks work in my favor is a blessing.  That advice and faith in me is what reminds me that this part right now is worth it.  It also helps to have a great support system in my life who believe in me and my goals and dreams."

To learn more about Ms. Thomas - please visit her site 


David J Hackett
CEO of Ultimate Life Tool
YCG Certified Practitioner
 "Listen to your Heart. Do what makes your heart sing and the money will come. Most people don't have the courage to follow their Heart and listen to their Intuition. For this is how we access our true God Given Gifts...and look at the world with the wonderment of a child...when all things are possible..."

To learn more about Mr. Hackett- please visit his site 


Marilyn Angelena
Transformational Business Coach and Mentor

"...Be as clear as possible with your goals and objectives and what/why you want to accomplish them.  The deeper you are able to "tap into" your purpose and passion, the better!  If you are doing what you love, you will never work a day in your life.

Once that's established, build your sales and marketing funnel around your ideal client avatar so you can attract the "right" client/customer that you absolutely LOVE to work with so you don't have to push so hard.  Be transparent, authentic, OUTRAGEOUS and have FUN."

To learn more about Ms. Angelena - please visit her site 


Kirsten Long 
Life Coach 

"A male client of mine had a habit of responding to many of my questions with 'I don't know'.I soon realized this was blocking his progress. After a few sessions we had built up a strong rapport.  I made this request of him: 'I never want to hear you saying 'I don't know' again. Take your time and come up with an answer. Don’t worry about whether it’s right or wrong, rather allow yourself to open up to the possibility that you can explore.'

He battled in the beginning. The words were often out of his mouth before he realized what he as saying. He became aware that he said 'I don't know' many times outside of coaching sessions too. He had never realized how often he said those words. 

After a while, he stopped using that response in our coaching sessions and outside.  He was astounded at how much he did understand, and how much he began to learn about himself. At this stage in his coaching journey, he leapt forward in his personal growth. He changed from someone who lives in a world of confusion to someone who was able to access his innate wisdom. The words we use create our reality. Once you become aware of this, you can start shifting your reality. There is enormous power in the words we choose to use."

To learn more about Ms. Long - please visit her site 


Stacy-Jane Caswell
NLP Master Practitioner
Clinical Hypnotherapist

"  ...Have a Gratitude Attitude, then everything really just falls into place.Your relationships with your partners, children and family suddenly seem far more valuable and you no longer thinking of all the small things that irritate you about them, but rather all the small things you appreciate about them.  When you have a Gratitude Attitude you find fewer faults in everyday life and learn to really appreciate even the smallest of things.  Your health, money, relationships, work, or happiness, is more positive instead of negative. Of course there will be challenges in our lives, and we are meant to have them too, because they help us to grow, but we are meant to know how to overcome problems and challenges.  We are meant to be victorious and we are all certainly meant to be happy!  We are meant to have an amazing life!"

To learn more about Ms. Caswell - please visit her site 

Fikile Hlungwani 
Life Coach 

"Ask for help.
That’s it. It comes down to those 3 little words but is so all encompassing that it works in all cases at all
• When you are unsure what to do, ask for help.
• When you want the sale, ask for help.
• When you want a raise, ask for help.
• When you are afraid, ask for help.
• When you are worried, ask for help.
• When you have a problem, ask for help.
• When you have a solution, ask for help.
All of these say the same thing.  Ask for help. Seems like pretty good advice to me!
Now it is easy to tell someone to go ask for help.  It sounds great in theory.  However, it isn’t always easy for many of us.  …it wasn’t easy for me when I started.  In fact, I think one of my biggest life breakthroughs was when I finally stepped outside of my own comfort zone and asked for help.  It was both the hardest and the best thing I ever did."

To learn more about Ms. Hlungwani  - please visit her site 

Nicky Stansbury 
Owner of Nicholyn Coaching L.L.C. 
& La Palmera Spa.
 "The best advice that I've ever received was 'everyone can be a generalist, but only you can be you.  Be authentic!'.  The best advice that I've ever given is  'we all have the answers within and often it takes another to help pull it out, but miracles happen when you take action!'"

To learn more about Ms. Stansbury - please visit her site 

Savannah Steinberg 
Consciousness & Relationship Coach

"What if you are perfect just the way you are?
When I come from this place, nothing is wrong, and there is no need for fixing and changing… I can come from a clean slate and say cool, what will I create today!?"

Ms. Steinberg went on to say: 

"Human beings are designed to be challenged, we need the evolutionary tension to grow….and when we do not set the challenges ourselves, life will. When you are living into a vision for yourself, your business / career, your relationship, you as a parent… this in itself is a challenge, as who you are today is not that vision, so it keeps you challenged and growing and inspired. "

To learn more about Ms. Steinberg - please visit her site 


Nicole Marescia
Director/ Council member 
& SA representative of ICPT/ Member of SIOPS

"The best advice I have ever received is “It’s not what you want to do in Life that matters but who you want to be” and the best advice I have given is probably “Know yourself so you can be true to yourself at all times”

To learn more about Ms. Marescia - please visit her site 


Terri Levine
Business Mentoring Expert

"I desired leave the corporate world and to do business coaching full time, yet I kept dragging my feet.  My coach asked me to look at picture of my mother (who had passed) and to ask my mother what she wanted for me.  This coaching had me instantly know I had to do what was in my heart and was the best advice.  I have the most amazing lifestyle business now.

I no longer work long hours for a company that could care less about me.  I'm not tied to pagers or email or corporate board meetings.

Now I get to help business owners grow their businesses or build the businesses of their dreams, like I did.  I know I am making a difference and I love each and every day of work.

I have time to live my live and be with my family and go on great vacations and I have financial security with no one controlling me as a wage slave.

This advice from my coach, to ask my mother, changed my life!"

To learn more about Ms. Levine - please visit her site 


Sharon Stobbia
Personal and Professional Coach

"The best advice I have ever received was to take responsibility for my own needs in a relationship, whether personal or professional. Often in relationships we have uncommunicated expectations. We expect the other person to know what those expectations are and become dissatisfied, angry and unhappy if they are not met. When we are confident in who we are, know  who we are and who we're not,  we will have the courage to  take ownership and express our needs in any given situation. When we take full responsibility there will be no-one to blame or criticize, no expectations that are not met and the relationship will have the opportunity to thrive."

To learn more about Ms. Stobbia - please visit her site 


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