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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

(T4T) Tips for Tuesday 5 ways to "Find Summer Love"

I am thankfully spoken for but, when I was younger I always used to daydream about meeting Misses Right.

Since it's summertime, I thought I might as well ask the experts what one should do to find summer love in 2013. Here is what they shared:


Stephan Labossiere

Certified Life & Relationship Coach
Author - Speaker - Relationship Expert

"Approach and be approachable. Too many people are too busy trying to be cute and neglect the need to engage with others. Smile, give compliments, and start conversations with others who have caught your eye. Give off a positive energy that is inviting to others and healthy for your inner peace. Sitting back and waiting for something to happen may leave you seeing that nothing will happen. Enjoy life, enjoy the summer, and just enjoy people in general."

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April Braswell:

Internet Matchmaker Profile writer 

  "Get out and be active. Summertime brings warmer weather and longer days, just calling to all singles to get out of their homes and engage in summer activities.  Check the calendar of event section where you live for what summer events they are sponsoring.  Are there any outdoor concert series?  What about day long and weekend long festivals?  You know everyone else will be there.  Go to those!  To take advantage of the event to stretch your social circle, sit where everyone else is seated.  Then be friendly and chatty with everyone there. Wear a conversation starter in your cap, t-shirt or bag.

Additionally, if you’re already involved in social activities such as Social Dancing with its increase in popularity thanks to Dancing with the Stars, then be on the lookout for workshops, conferences, and weekend conventions dedicated to the dance style you do, whether it is Swing, Square Dancing, or Salsa, you’ll find there’s an increase in group activities with the summer’s warm weather.  Maybe go to a different dance venue or club dance than you usually do.  Cast your social net a bit further flung than you already do, and you will surely meet new people."

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Lisa Merlo-Booth:

Relationship Coach

"If you want to find a life partner, be mindful of how you date.  The way
you enter a relationship greatly influences the future of that relationship.Whether
it's finding love in the summer, winter, spring or fall, my best advice is
to genuinely be you.  Step into dating as the chooser not the choose. Be
yourself, not whom you think your date wants you to be.  Too many people
dress as they think they should, speak as they believe the other person
wants them to speak and share what they believe the other person wants to
hear.  This is a recipe for disaster if you’re looking for a lasting
relationship.  It’s way too hard to keep up that charade for the rest of
your life, so don’t set it up.  Be yourself and trust that you will attract
the partner who is right for you.  Be real, take things slowly and be
willing to wait for the right person to come along rather than molding
yourself into someone you think Joe Shmoe wants you to be."

To learn more about Ms. Merlo-Booth - Please check out her site -


Marni Battista

Dating Coach 
& Expert

"For singles, summertime brings a more laid-back vibe than winter. Winter holidays such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve put a lot of pressure on singles to find someone to bring to family events and office parties. The great thing about summer is that there are no high-pressure holidays! Fourth of July? Check. Labor Day? Check! Beach day every weekend? Check. With low-key energy, it will be easy for people to feel less stressed about their love lives (or lack thereof).

With outdoor events such as concerts at a local beach, free museum days, and 5Ks or mud runs, the options for meeting someone with similar interests is endless. Another great thing that helps with summer loving is that there are often a multitude of birthday parties to attend (all those couples that got busy at New Year’s!), which helps ensure you’ll at the very least be expanding your social circle. So if you want to find summer love:

1. Get outside!
2. Be present.
3. Say yes to birthday parties!"

To learn more about Ms. Battista - Please check out her site -

Ronnie Ryan
Dating Coach

"Flirt! : The Easiest Way to Meet Men This Summer

Flirting is a simple, fun way to interact with men that makes it easy for them to approach you. It’s so simple you may be tempted to discount the tremendous power of simple actions.

Here are the 3 simple tips to get you started:

1. Smile. When you catch a man’s eye or notice a man looking at you, don’t turn away! Flash him a nice smile first. Keep in mind a smile is not a promise of anything – you are simply acknowledging another human being with your smile. He’ll feel good and so will you

2. Brief eye contact. When you are smiling, hold his gaze for only 2-3 seconds before gracefully turning away. This is purposefully brief so your look never approaches starring and won’t be seen as aggressive.

3. Be extra friendly. This may not feel normal to you but it’s very worthwhile. Push yourself to be friendly and you will have a lot more fun and meet a lot more men.

My dating coaching clients are surprised and thrilled with the results and you can be too. This one tip could be the best way to meet men all summer."

To learn more about Ms. Ryan - Please check out her site -

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