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Thursday, July 18, 2013

(TOT) Thought on Thursday: 10 things I love about my lady

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10 ways my wife makes me better:

 So I was having a "discussion" with my wife the other day and I began to daydream about how great it would be single again...


Then, I tried to take back my wandering mind from veering off the negative deep end and instead decided to shift my focus on what I would be missing without ever meeting my wife.

  1. I'd be a much messier person - I was a complete and total slob when I met my wife. My wife comes from a background that is extremely clean. Over the years the "neat-Nellie" persona that my wife has conquered the messiness that I used to default to. I am much more organized than I was 5+ years ago and I have only my wife to thank. 
  2. I'd indulge in a lot more nervous habits without her - I have a nervous habit, that I'll omit from listing here, that is very distracting and I tend to do without thinking. My wife, makes me keenly aware of this nervous habit every time I do it and has likely helped me reduce the urge to do it.
  3. I'd still be anti-social - I used to be very anti-sociaI and hated chit chat. (In some respects I'm still that way sometimes) Overall I've become much more comfortable going to networking events, much better at introducing myself to random strangers and I can just hang out and have a conversation that doesn't have to end in an "outcome". I credit this all to My wife and her extended family who have a deep love of conversation.
  4. I still wouldn't know a lick about Papua New Guinea - My wife is Papua New Guinea and since marrying her I've learned a wealth of knowledge about the island and also the Pacific Islands and Micronesia. (Mi save tok tok lik lik pidgin ...too)
  5. I would probably still drink with reckless abandon - drinking is fine if you can do it without affecting other areas of your life. My drinking did. So, I don't.
  6. I'd probably dress a lot worse than I do now (as if it were possible) - 'Nuff said. She censors (secretly gets rid of) outfits that would embarrass her in public. 
  7. I'm a much better listener - I used to listen very little and now I listen quite a bit, both spoken  more to what is going on (both spoken and unspoken)
  8. I'm little too old to score a wife as hot as my wife is - I personally feel my wife is very attractive. I don't say it as much as I should. (That being said, this sentiment is apparently shared by a few neighbors who check her out regularly.)
  9. I'd likely play video games about 1000% more than I do now - (kind of ambivalent about that)  but, I simply don't have time.
  10. If I didn't have her I wouldn't have:
Two of the most important people in my life -
 My son - "Mr. White" and my wife.
Me, "Mr. White" & My wife

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