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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

#1 tip to get fit - By Jason Yun

I want to talk to you today about progress.
More specifically-- taking it one thing at a time.
To start especially--- just take it one thing at a time. As you get better then you can add things.
But if you find it hard to start something and see it all the way through then the one thing at a time rule is definitely your best bet.
For instance- this is the era known as being busy and being stressed :)
Now both of those things don't equate to being productive. Anybody can be busy.
But let's take it to nutrition for an example:
Jill has two kids in elementary school, she is a single mom who really just focuses on taking care of kids, especially in the morning. She makes sure they have a good breakfast ready to go when they come downstairs before school.
 Unfortunately, she doesn't make enough time for herself to eat the breakfast she just cooked, so she usually just skips it or grabs something unhealthy like a breakfast bar, or a pop tart or something.
 She knows how important it is to get a good breakfast, she used to be a track and field superstar in college. But now it's different, and she feels it in her energy all day long. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!
What can she do?
One thing at a time.....
Eat breakfast. Simple enough, but in reality for someone who has been doing something unhealthy for so long it's actually pretty hard to do. It's the habit loop--- Trigger>Routine>Reward.
The trigger in this case is wake up and got to get kids ready for school with a good breakfast in them. Routine is fix breakfast in a rush while they get ready but you don't leave enough time for yourself. Reward is knowing your kids are fed with good wholesome energy and thinking you're a good mom.
But taking care of yourself would make you even better. Make a smoothie the night before, make some portable egg/veggie muffins, make a quick meal replacement shake, get on some online forums and see what other moms pressed for time do for breakfast.
So if she did this, what would happen?
More energy. Better mood. Better performance at work. Better performance at home. Body getting nutrients it needs.

See this is 'One thing at a time' that could lead to a lot more 'THINGS' getting improved upon. Nutrition will do that. So will physical workouts.

Vitamins and minerals are essential. The body can't function properly without them. Do something about it, it will change your life.

So will doing One Thing At A Time.......

I ask you,

What is the biggest thing you want to change about yourself right now?

Figure it out and then figure out the action steps to get there. What is the most important one?


That is your 'One Thing at a Time'

If you want to share with me let me know, but remember I expect improvement from you :) So get to working!
Jason Yun is the owner of Yun Fitness systems and the Improvement Warrior Fitness . He specializes in helping people “look better naked” Mr. Yun is a graduate of the Ohio State University, with an earned Bachelor’s of Science degree in Sports and Leisure Studies with an emphasis in fitness coaching. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and Certified Personal trainer (NSCA-CPT). He also holds the following certifications KBA, CISSN, YFS(1). 

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