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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

It's fall time to find your rythm - By Savannah Steinberg

If you connect to nature, it is dynamic , it's alive, it's constantly changing and constantly expanding. The waves of the sea come in and go out.. There is consistency in its constant renewal and expansion. If you look at how many of us live our lives, we have fallen out of touch with the natural rhythm and flow of life. Many of us feel like we are on this perpetual hamster wheel and we are just running and running and in this we seldom take time to press pause and connect with:

Where am I in my life? 

Is this still where I want to be going?

How can I best use the energy of the season I am going into? 

What is it asking of me?

What can I shift to move with the natural flow of life? 

Fall is the time where nature is busy getting ready for the next phase which is still and quiet, where it's about turning inwards and recharging. Look at your life, how can you be in flow with nature right now, what can you shed, what can you let go, clear out? Look at all aspects of your life, physically, mentally, friends, relationships, material objects, anything that is draining you or zapping your energy. Now is the time to shed all the layers that are not necessary anymore, and that won't serve you going forward. When we do this, we provide the space for the new to enter.

Ms. Steinberg began her studies with a year in Ayurveda and Iridology. Se went on to study Brand Communications through Vega, School of Advertising, there after she completed my Degree in Bachelor of Commerce specializing in Strategic Brand Management. She is a qualified as an NLP Master Practitioner through Advanced Human technologies. She is also an Associate of CCI, Creative Consciousness international.

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