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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Saturday's Summary #1 - a little about me and where I'm going.

So for a long time, I've been living a half-ass life, phoning it in at work, on this blog, towards my goals and dreams. It's my new goal to stop that direction of decay starting today.

I want to use this blog for what it was originally meant for - to Motivate 1st - myself and 2nd - those around me. 

I've been re-reading probably my favorite non-fiction book recently - the Six Pillars of Self-Esteem by Nathaniel Branden and through that and ironically various youtube videos focused on becoming more social that the key to happiness is something I already knew on a certain level: You'll become happy when you start to realize the only one responsible for your happiness is you - not a spouse, not a co-worker or boss, not your best friend, not your children. 
The moment you realize that you must do what you personally were put on this earth to do and not what those around you want you to do. 

So this week - I've attempted to my best to see if I have remained cognizant (since Sunday, June 1st 2014) of what my goals are and if I'm taking steps to achieve said goals or running in circles of busyness like I have for the last several years. 

Thursday, I slacked a little and watched the Greatest Movie Ever Sold - but learned a decent amount about dealing with high level advertising executives in the process. 

Wednesday I went full out and worked till 1:00 AM or so. 

 My main goal currently is to publish, sell and promote and book about becoming (consumer) debt free by 9/1/14. I've been approaching people who have been through that experience and I have been through that experience myself (twice) although my income level threatens to dip us into debt a 3rd time which leads me to my secondary goal...

I plan to move my family from Columbus, Ohio to Phoenix, AZ. My full-time job just informed me earlier this week that because of a SNAFU that should have been addressed a year ago, I will be receiving a 10% paycut. For a long time I've been wanting to move west. Me, my wife and son plan to make the move by 9/1/14. 

Third- in order to achieve the financial goals I've been desiring - since the first year of college I need to learn to sell more effectively. That includes both selling myself in interviews and selling products (such as a debt-free book) in the future. 

I invite you the reader to come along and keep me in check as I focus each day on Doing Everything in My Personal Power to Achieve My Goals Without Abandoning My Responsibilities. 

I plan to keep track Daily, reporting on my results on a Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual basis. 

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