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Sunday, March 3, 2013

13 Life Lessons from National and International Speakers

 For the last few years I've been on a journey to find some of the best mentors in the world. I contacted dozens of great nationally and internationally known speakers from as close to me as my backyard and as far away as Australia. I asked them all one simple question: 

"What has been the best advice you’ve received in life and WHY?”

Their answers were overwhelmingly wise and thoughtful. I'm humbled to share such a wealth of knowledge with you today.


Professor at Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College

 "Keep your ambition high".
Professor Govindarajan -aka- VG's latest book is called Reverse Innovation


Professional Speaker, Coach and AuthorWorkHeart Consulting and RealTalk

"Give the best you have to the world, without any concern for how it will be received.”

"From Dewitt Jones, a National Geographic photographer.I remind myself of this often when I fall into worrying about what other people think, or if they will like my message ...or ... or ...or ...I know that I came with a particular passion and purpose, and everyone may not need or want what I have, but that is all I have to give. And it is my responsibility to give it. Thank goodness we are not all alike ... if you need something else, if I need something else, there are other people to provide that insight, wisdom or particular skill.I can only give what I have and it is my responsibility to offer it up.That’s it!"

To find out more about Ms. Robertson - check out her website:

Keynote Speaker- Presenter - Didgeridoo Player - Aboriginal Artist

My grandfather said to me,
 "If your locked up then your dreams can only be as big as the room you're in, if your free then so are your dreams!"

With that notion I began to Dream and continue to Dream.

To find out more about Mr. Donovan - check out his website:


Forbes columnist and Emmy-winning former Wall Street Journal and NBC journalist

Life-changing advice for me:
From my bureau chief in London when I worked for the Wall Street Journal: He saw a talent in me that I did not see and told me in his gruff way:  

"You have a way of interviewing, as reporter that is so goddamned persistent yet people keep want to answer you instead of punch your lights out, as they might another person. And when the are telling you, later that the interview clarified their thinking, that's helpful to them and to you. Even if your story is true yet not completely flattering, they trust you and are willing to be interviewed by you in the future. And you get the extra insights about them to know how they could be an unexpected second source to be quoted on a future story."

Recognizing a great strength (and the flip sides of great weakness) enables me to find situations where I can use it. Today, speaking and writing about connective behavior cues and quotability I can befriend many of the best social scientists as I interview them and, in so doing help them  hone their messaging. Having gleaned insights from them is like having a virtual Human Behavior Think Tank.  As a paid public speaker and a "Quotable and Connected" contributor for Forbes and HuffingtonPost I can  translate that research into actionable ways others can use their best talents with others to accomplish greater things together than they can on their own -- and I love my work.

To find out more about Ms. Anderson - please visit her website:

President,Glenn Llopis Group, LLC

“See what others don’t, do what others won’t and keep pushing when prudence says quit.”  
Why?:  This is the most authentic way to define who you are, live what you stand for and love what you do – while creating and sustaining positive impact in your work and life.

Mr Llopis' latest book is Earning Serendipity


Former Child Soldier - Speaker - Non Profit Leader
The best advice I've ever received was from my dad when he told me before he died that, 
"Great men and great women have never been described by their money or success but rather by their heart and what they do for other people." 
 I still live by that advice to this day. It's the best advice because in our world we our told that to be successful we have to have material possessions, we have to make lots of money but those 'successful' people are always forgotten in time, but people like Martin Luther King Jr, Mahatma Ghandi, Mother Theresa, their legacies have lasted a long time because they cared for others. 

You can find out more about Mr. Chikwanine at


Motivational Speaker

"Your thoughts create your reality eternally- ALL thoughts ALL times,"

"I would say I was most greatly influenced by an entire book and concept at the age of 8 that shaped my life of self awareness and responsibility that still influences me today. As a child growing up in domestic violence and being very small and female- feeling 'powerless' was a common state I found myself in- and possibly the worst condition any human being can ever find themselves in, ironic that I then became a cop. The concept I learned helped me gradually to deliberately and consciously take control of the only thing I could control and then enable me to inspire others to also find their own personal power amidst life's many turmoils, changes and challenges. It served to remind me constantly that no matter what was occurring, it was only ever a reflection of me and what was going on inside my head, life's circumstances became my personal alert to get my own house, being my own mental state in order first before taking any other actions. As I never had a shortage of life's circumstances, my personal practice is perpetual.

From memory the book was similar title to "A souls journey' and its main theme was 'your thoughts create your reality eternally- ALL thoughts ALL times,' and so I learned my thoughts are powerful and NEVER powerless- revealed to all as my life's circumstances and if I chose using my free will to ignore this blatant reality and be blind to circumstances- then the only one to pay any penalty for this ignorance would be myself and opportunity for improving my life lost. As my life was already very painful I had no desire for more and so became an avid student and paid attention and became a great observer of life's forces. After a combined 16 years in law enforcement and over a decade around the world meeting and sharing my 'Kick But' practices- I tell everyone the same message - get rid of those Bloody Useless Thoughts that hold you back- its your life and you will only ever live it on your terms, your words, your thoughts and your feelings. If you want a better life- get to work here first and you will see the results in your own life as evidence of your own good work!"

Ms. Pekar has her next book 'Kick But! It's time...' will come out later this month. She is also featured in a film called Whatever it Takes that will be coming out later in 2013. For more about Ms. Pekar's story please visit her website:


Author, Sales Trainer & Speaker
"Just keep asking until someone says yes."

Why?  Success is about having something of value to offer and finding the right market that recognizes that value; this requires persistence.  It takes conscious effort to remind yourself that sooner or later, whether you're selling (leading), someone will say yes to your offer (request).

To find out more about Mr. Antonio - please check out his website:

Prolific Author, Speaker & Founder of Booher Consultants

Dianna Booher is an award-winning author of 46 books, published in 26 languages. She works with organizations to increase their productivity and effectiveness through better communication: oral, written, interpersonal, and enterprise-wide. Her latest titles include Creating Personal Presence: Look, Talk, Think, and Act Like a Leader  and  Communicate With Confidence, Revised and Expanded Edition.  

“Hide, become a master at something, and people will find you.”  

WHY:  This advice was given by a consulting guru at an industry meeting years ago. I took it to heart, because I knew from the start that I did not like to make cold calls.  My expertise was communicating a message.  So I determined to write books and become a master at communicating a message in that form.

Ms. Booher's latest book is called Creating Personal Presence 


Thought Leader, Speaker and CEO of Empowering Enterprises

"Its your decision NOT your condition that determines who you are!"

Everyone has conditions whether personal professional trauma issues problems crisis tough times, but it's not these conditions that dictate your life but your decision through these times!!

To find out more about Mr. Cawthorn - check out his website:



"Connect to purpose, maintain relationships first and foremost and have fun."

It's important to tie our activities to a deeper purpose otherwise it is easy to get pulled into the slipstream of competitions over ego, money, fame etc. All our success is ultimately tied to maintaining human relationships, both in work and family, and this is ultimately the biggest predictor success and satisfaction in our lives.

 To find more about Dr Ahmeed check out his website:


Speaker & Life Coach
"Slow down!"
The best advice I've ever received is "Slow down!" Steve Chandler gave me that counsel a few years ago. I find that when I slow down and take care of the one thing that's in front of me right now, and don't think about the yet-to-be-created future or the dead past, I am more productive, kinder to myself and others, and certainly saner. 

To find out more about Mr. Wetmore - check out his website:

Professional Speaker & Trainer

The biggest advice I've received in my life was to 
"Take control of [your] life and control [your] own destiny."

Here's the story behind that: One of my mentors encouraged me to pursue my doctorate degree. However, initially I was very obstinate as I began to conduct research on the program. After conducting my research on the quality of the program mostly all of the faculty members and professors that I conferred with told me that I had to become a professor if I attained a Ph.D. Consequently, I shared this with my mentor and told him that I would not apply for the doctorate program because I didn't want to become a professor at the age of 28. But mentor said, "Antoine, get the Ph.D. and then after you get it you can do whatever you want to do with it!" This was profound and it reminded me that it's vital that I take control of my life and destiny.

To find out more about Dr. Moss  please check out his youtube channel:

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