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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Audio Book Review: Brandwashed - by Martin Lindstrom

Audiobook Review:

This is one of the books I listened to last month but forgot about. It's a great book about all of the marketing that is going on today in order to catch your attention. As told by an international marketer.

I really enjoyed learning just how much we are marketed to from anything from male plastic surgery (your pecs are starting to sag) to various royal families (Q:"What exactly is that you do around here?" - A:"We fulfill the childhood dreams of 90% of the worlds women" )

Mr. Lindstrom does a great job of going into detail of making clear exactly how far marketers go to achieve brand loyalty. From the time we are born till close to our final approach to our deathbed we are marketed to at a ridiculous rate. 

Lindstrom attempted to go a year without using,or consuming any brand name services or services (No McDonald's fries or Givenchy cologne or Tommy Hilfiger clothing) but He only made it halfway through the year before giving up and going on a buying spree. 

My only gripe is that he didn't make it a full year. I doubt I could either.

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